Who are the Essenes?

The Essenes of today stem from one of the Ancient Orders of Shepherd Kings. The Shepherd Kings were Priestly Mystics consecrated to serve as true Religious Leaders concerned with a protected extension of the Light of Divine Wisdom. Shepherds are known to be guiding leaders of flocks, and The Shepherd Kings were long known as Wise Men of good Guidance. Indeed, the Essene Jesus of Nazareth was called “The Good Shepherd” in many Lands.
While all of The Ancient Orders of Shepherd Kings were vitally concerned with a religious understanding of Astrology and with true Divine Communion for the reception of Cosmic Truth, each of The Orders specialized in some particular line of endeavor.
Essene Wise MenThe Magi made a specialty of “following the stars” through becoming exceptionally proficient at Astrological chartings. The Essenes specialized in the study of languages and Sacred scriptural reportings revealing Divine Wisdom. The Therapuets emphasized the importance of attaining soulic purity through mentally mastering their lower natures, while The Asclepians became respected as Physicians. The Order of Messens, from which the various Masonic Orders have emerged, strove to exemplify what is advocated by The Golden Rule in respect for the Grand Architect of The Universe. The Hebrew Order of The Raud, whose members were of a Pharisee concentration, focused on Legal affairs. The Cyclops aspired to increase their intelligence-quotient so as to assist others toward attaining full enlightenment. The Order of The Delphi specialized in encouraging talent expression through the cultural arts. The Order of The Lotus stressed the importance of transcendental meditation, while The Druids, like The Chaldean Magi, were deep into Astrology and stressed the significance of “the two-edged sword” which symbolizes the sharply penetrating, unbiased truth.
Since the finding of what have become known as "The Dead Sea Scrolls," interest in The Essenes has increased perceptibly. A number of religious and cultish groups have adopted the name as inspired by translations of the scrolls and historic recountings by Josephus, Philo and others.
However, at this time, there are only two authentic Orders. They are the long established Secret Order Of The Golden Grail ~ and The Order Of The Invincible Light as Sanctified by The Order Of The Golden Grail to operate a secluded Retreat in northern San Diego County, California. The purpose of The Order Of The Invincible Light is to offer some absolute facts about The Essenes, as conducting a Sacredly Commissioned, Unificational Liaison Service to increase God-loving, inter-cultural blendings of identifiable Divine Light.
We represent the authentic Essenes who are Consecrated to share accurate information about them in the 1nterest of clarification and unification, and not for the purpose of proselytization. As true Essenes, it is not our desire to entice anyone into forsaking their present path of Religious Pursuit. Our desire is to provide whom we may with some facts which could help make their present Religious beliefs even more meaningful to them, and to encourage them to do with and for them, the very best they can for the sake of all who truly love God, All-Good.
So, in the interest of Spiritual Unification and ever-increasing expansions of consciousness, we ask that you consider at this point, how very important it is that any segment of humanity which claims to be Christian, have a clear understanding of' what that Mission where the followers were first called Christian at Antioch in 44 A.D., was intended to be; who Founded it, and what then ensued to cause its Founder, The Beloved Apostle John, to Establish the Secret Essene Order Of The Golden Grail. For this he did in 48 A.D., in order to preserve the Sacred unadulterated Teachings entrusted him by Jesus for appropriate recognition at this time of the end of The Age and The Eon.
The Essenes of Judea were long known as "given to speaking with tongues.” For what that actually meant was that they were linguists, who through a Priestly concern, had learned to read, write, converse intelligently, and teach in various languages! Because they were Highly Dedicated believers in Divine Wisdom and true Holy Communion ~ which simply means actual, cognizant communication with Soulically Ascended Divine Beings ~ it was understood that Holy Ghosts, or The Holy Ghost, was able to speak to and through them.
Just as "The Pharisees" were the Legal advisors attendant to The Sanhedrin, which long governed the Judicial and inter-religious affairs over a wide area around Old Jerusalem prior to the rise to power of The Roman Empire, "The Scribes" with The Sanhedrin, were mainly Essenes. And it was chosen Essene Scribes who wrote the Scriptural Scrolls, which later became known as The Bible.
Needless to say, the esoteric importance of what the Essene Scribes and the “chosen” Mystics of the other Orders of Shepherd Kings were able to divinationally “channel” or extra-sensorially receive during periods of being prayerfully “caught up” through transcendental meditation, was consistently conducive to an awareness of Cosmic Truth, and always tallied to a marked degree.
All the great Religions and their subsequent Cultures have been based on Divine Revelations of Cosmic Truth! And all that has been Reverently Founded as based on Divine Illumination, has undergone distortion through deletions, Doctrinal misconstruance, and alteringly imposed fallacy.
We Essenes know the word “God” means All Good. And as God in The Highest is ever altruistically uplifting in power and portent, wherever goodness can appreciatively be recognized, increased, and extended through an awareness that it is supernally above all which detracts from Its Light ~ GOD IS. And God is Love.
The Essenes so appreciated The Commandment left them by Jesus ~ The Commandment to love one another. He longed for the banishment of bigotry and hypocrisy from all human affairs ~ and particularly from Movements of Religious significance. But where has more bigotry and hypocrisy shown up than through the competitive endeavors of enterprisingly motivated Sectal promoters as recognizable today ~ and in retrospect?
True Essenes ever were and are now, vitally concerned with the condition and attainable improvement of their souls. They believe in soulic evolution and re-incarnation as it was being taught by Jesus and in The Early Church, some evidence of which can still be found in Jeremiah 1:5, Malachi 4:5, Matthew 11:14, Matthew 17:10-13, Luke 1:17, St. John 3:6-7, and St. John 8:58. We Essenes believe in what can be Astrologically foretold as Pre-destined in Cosmic consequence. We know we spiritually grow in order to fulfillingly do what we are destined to do, both evolvously and ultimately in Cosmic consequence.
The Cosmic Truth, which Jesus made known to His Apostles with His understanding of The Kabala's Sacred Symbolism, is something we Essenes feel most privileged to share with sincere students of Light.
This we are prepared to do through periodically scheduled seminars for both basic and Advanced Studies, sponsored by the non-profit American Universalist Temple of Divine Wisdom. The Cosmic Truth offered through these classes should be shared within every Church called Christian ~ and through meaningful, mind-expanding Cultural Exchange Programs amongst all God loving peoples on this Planet. For they are Studies certain to help ready sincere students of The Mysteries, to assist with the manifestation of God's Kingdom on Earth.
The Cosmic Truths offered through the little book, THE MYSTERY OF LIFE, were received through Divine Communion with The Lord Christ, and His Elect, The Beloved John. While the content of what is Discoursingly revealed through it was channeled in 1953, much of its content of Mystic significance is now being verified through hard core Scientific Research.
New frontiers in consciousness are now providing a place in multi-dimensional space, where Religionists and Scientists can blessedly meet in God's Grace, as able to recognize through That Prismatic Dispersion of The One Light of God All-Good, the irradiant wonder of its Cosmic behoovement.
The word “sacred” means that which is preciously set apart. Authentic Essenes represent a Sacredly Precious Order or Commission. That Commission is to protect and enlighteningly share ~ where rightly appreciated ~ their unequivocal respect for The Divine Wisdom reflective of The Light of Intelligence of The Ascended Souls of The Heavenly Hierarchy. Thus, through an unblemished faith in and understanding of why and how That Over-Raying Light supersedes any mortal’s intelligence-quotient, true Essenes consecratedly encourage whom they may to gratefully raise their sights with respect for It.

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